How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Car?

Car wrapping is probably the most well-known methods to advertise things while driving down the roads.

The answer to your question “How much does it cost to wrap a car” or “How much do car wraps cost” will depend on the vinyl size, complexity of the design, the car type it is applied and the supplier creating the vehicle wrap.

How much does it cost to get a car wrapped? The vinyl car wraps cost for partial wrapping starts from $250. Meanwhile, a full or complete car wrap ranges at $2,500 – $6,000.

Vehicle wraps are once printed and usually created from vinyl; you can apply the wrap to any vehicle type.

It is quick to wrap on a car because it is printed out on stickers, which makes it an economical method to place a style on cars.

The car wrap cost has become more inexpensive compared to how much to wrap a car it had been before. Due to the technological developments, the car wrapping process has improved with time.

Therefore, for the exact reason, lots of customers, today, wrap their cars for fun. Furthermore, probably the greatest facts about how much to vinyl wrap a car is they are quickly removed and do not strip off your car’s paint if you take out the stickers.

Cost to Wrap a Car

Even though the costs have significantly fallen recently, it would be useful to answer this question, how much does a car wrap cost?

car wrap cost pricing

The design complexity can make the price difference and the vehicle size that needs wrapping. The vehicle wrapping average price ranges from $150 – $6,500.

The suppliers who provide the vehicle wrapping service give it at various prices. The prices highly rely on several things like the graphic design features, the car’s model and make, the film style, and the wrap type.

Factors Contributing to Car Wrap Costs


The entire area that requires wrapping. A bigger trailer which towed with a truck will cost more compared to a car, as an example.

Full or Partial Car Wrap

full vehicle wrap usually covers the complete vehicle or car. Well, it does not include the motor bay because it is an internal car part.

It includes your door jams as well as other parts that are noticeable outside.

On the other hand, a partial vehicle wrap just covers certain car parts, either the side panels, roof, trunk or hood, which makes it perfect for brands to buy mobile advertising promotions.

The other sections, however, might cost higher compared to the roof since having many curves to wrap.

However, remember that they do not have the exact prices. A roof cover, for instance, generally costs around $250, which is relatively inexpensive due to the flat surface.

The condition of Surface

What surface kind is the sticker going to get attached? How hard is the style? How much is it to wrap a car? How many colors will the design have?

Vehicle’s Model and Make

The larger it is, the more the prices you have to pay. And the greater edges a particular car has, the higher price you spend.

You also have to think about the curves and bumps because they influence how the sticker is applied.

Having said that, your vehicle’s model and make can affect the total expenses you would like to spend if you think about wrapping it using a car vinyl.

Certainly, your car size can influence the quantity of vinyl necessary to cover your automobile.

Customized Designs

Customized patterns can cost up to $3,000. Many vehicle wrap companies work with either Avery vinyl or 3M.

These products are intended as a branded wording and put in your car for three to five years. Nevertheless, both these companies have many different vinyl kinds.

When speaking with your provider, make sure you say how much time you want to have the wrap on the car.

These suppliers offer items such as a Matte Black vinyl, that is charged differently compared to your traditional car wrap.

How much does it cost to wrap a car matte black? Prices range from $1.89 – $2.95 per square foot depending on the supplier.

Vinyl’s Style and Type of Wrap

Pre-cured car wraps already are available in numerous textures and colors, and you could just directly put them on the vehicle.

With printed wrapping, you still have to pay for the charge of service in making the car wrap, contributing to the total of wrapping your car.

Vinyl wraps are available in various designs. However, their creation is either digitally printed or pre-cured.

If for example, you have made your personal logo graphic for a particular company, it is better to get it printed on a cover film.

However, it could cost higher compared to a pre-cured wrapping. A few of the most popular wraps types you should understand, along with its costs are listed below.

Custom wraps ($500 – $4,000), carbon fiber ($2.96 – $2.99 per square foot), matte black ($1.89 – 2.95 per square foot), chrome ($3 – $8.71 per square foot), and gloss ($1.63 – $3.39 per square foot).

Tips on Getting a Quote for Your Wrap Cost


Ensure the company knows how many cars you would like to get wrapped. Many car wrap suppliers will give a bulk price cut for if you agree to wrap more than one cars.

Location Matters

Where is the wrap(s) being put? Will you be bringing these to the car wrap supplier? Is the provider visiting your area? This info is relevant to your wrap provider.

Therefore, they can decide any extra time that should be made up of traveling.


The contours of the cars are another crucial factor. Flat/Straight surfaces are easier to set up.

Design Needs

There is a bit of design work involved in each wrap since the art should get altered for manufacturing.

The car wrap company should know in case, they are making your wrap or suppose they are only preparing it to get printed.

Spend Time

Ensure to take your time to speak with the potential suppliers as well as give them the necessary info to quote and evaluate the projects accurately.

After the car wrap company has all the necessary details, it is easy to give an estimate.

These times spent together with the company is an excellent time to ask questions, look at their portfolio, and decide if it is the company type you would like to work along.

The Process of Car Wrapping

The wrapping process includes three steps, that is:


First, you will talk about the concept together with the artist or designer, who performs a clean style layout which will eventually be the free trump card.

After you confirm the design, the designer company should create a printed preview of how your wrap should look.


Next, once you have had finalized all the things, the design supplier will print your sticker on big vinyl sheets with quality cast laminate and inks.


Finally, the skilled installer(s) carefully adjust the panels of vinyl onto the trailer with a little tool such as air release tools, heat gun, and a squeegee, ensuring appropriate fit while removing bubbles through the setup.

Do-It-Yourself or Professional Installation

With the toolkit price, the total price ranges from $518.99 – $2,642.99. Let us assume; you got a 350-square-foot vehicle.

The affordable wrap you can get is the gloss. Therefore, that is about $489, while the expensive kind is chrome, costing around $2,613.

Well, the prices are no pranks. However, you can spend lesser amounts if you select to perform the project on your own.

The prices, which were earlier stated in the starting paragraphs of this how much does it cost to vinyl wrap a car post, are the costs you spend for an expert set up, which is $250 – $6,000, and it does not cover the car wrap cost.

Dismantling your car should be performed to ensure the vehicle wrap put into the gaps of the panel.

It demands steady hands, proper tools, and plenty of persistence to complete the job.

Even though the general prices are not expensive, you should understand it is tricky and tedious to put the vinyl wrapping to your car.

Moreover, get the wrap sticker you wish to use with your automobile, and that is it.

You could buy a vehicle wrap kit, that includes the complete tools you want for the task. The best thing is it just costs about $29.99. You could do the job on your own.

What Are the Extra Vehicle Wrap Costs?

  • A complete car wrapping is costly compared to a partial car wrapping.
  • In case, you buy or make your very own decal as well as you need it to get professionally placed, you should have to spend on the setup.
  • Personalized logo designs that might be outside the wrap design will cost much more.
  • The different vehicle parts that require getting covered could cost different. In case, you would like to get other parts covered; you might have to invest extra bucks for it.

Car Wrap Advertising

Based on many miles a person drive, the place in which a person lives, as well as the car type, you might qualify to get paid to cover your vehicle in a supplier’s advertisement.

Therefore, find out how much do vehicle wraps cost. You can find companies that are ready to pay out to have the car wrapped.

It generally will pay $200 – $500 monthly and also comes with the car wrap installation.


You could considerably reduce the vehicle wrapping costs if you make use of vinyl stickers, spot graphics, or digital die cuts.

These materials could still create high-quality output. Compare costs with different suppliers that provide the services.

These companies will usually offer you along with quotes based on the vehicle description and the style you give them.

Pick a style that is simple. However, excellent looking. Basic designs with fewer colors may cost less.

However, based on the taste, the cost might not be a problem suppose you need the car to appear significant.

In case, you got any questions regarding “How much does it cost to wrap a car,” how to wrap a car or would like to learn more, contact us for more information.

What is your opinion of how much does it cost to get your car wrapped or how much does wrapping a car cost?