How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Truck?

Before you spend a few thousand on wrapping the truck, have a look at this guide.

How much does it cost to wrap a truck? There is no one size fits all answer.

Vinyl wrapping offers an alternative for new paint. It includes countless options for design and color. Not only that, it is increasingly popular and usually cheaper.

You can find many factors affecting the truck wrap cost. Try doing a quick Google search for how much to wrap a truck, and you will get varied figures from $2,500 to $6,000 based on things like whether your eighteen-wheeler has simple or complex contours. No matter, whether it is a full or a partial wrap.

What is The Cost of Truck Wrap

It is essential to think about variables such as model and make of the truck, the business or individual that is installing your wrap, the finish type of the vehicle vinyl.

Also, the vinyl design, and whether getting a partial or a full-body wrap will decide the total price of the work. We will explain to you the whole one-by-one below.

Partial Wrap vs. Full Wrap

Also, pricing truck graphics depends upon the kind you select. Wraps can go over your whole vehicle, only specific areas, or be decals.

The cost for the partial wrap in a truck is between $1,000 to $3,000 and for the full cover in between $2,500 to $6,000, including expert installation.

A full wrapping will naturally be more expensive than the partial type. It is because there is a lot involved with full wraps compared to partial one, mainly time and materials.

The partial wrap should significantly reduce the price. A vinyl decal or graphic is less costly compared to the partial cover as well as can still provide your vehicle the sparkle you are looking for.

What Installer You Choose

One of the essential factors in pricing is the installer’s quality. All the things from your truck preparation to the installer techniques can result in the failure or success of the wrap.

Installation prices will vary from $1,500 and $5,000 plus more for the highly qualified specialist. If possible, select a truck wrapping company with an excellent reputation in the field for high-quality work.

From cracking vinyl and bubbling to damages to your truck finish, many stuff can get wrong. Moreover, the experience is one thing you should consider when picking an installer for the truck wraps.

Therefore, if you are opting for the inexpensive installer, you might need to rethink your decision.

The Size of Your Truck

Among the most significant elements affecting the truck wraps cost is your truck size.

A long-bed, 4-door, large pickup truck is around 450 sq ft. A short-bed, 2-door, small pickup truck around 327 sq ft.

A huge truck will be more pricey over a small one since there is extra space to wrap.

Make sure to look into the vinyl roll size and the truck to determine how much you will need to suppose you want to install the wrap by yourself.

Also, you must take into account the more labor fee to apply wraps on the massive truck than the smaller one.

The complexity of the Wrap

The complicated design price somewhat higher. Plan color wraps cost a lot less compared to designs. Furthermore, getting back to the complex designing, a few truck cover designs need second surface decals.

Things such as images, stripes, and logos will add to the overall cost. You might save yourself a bit of cash by giving the installer your custom logo, print, or image.

Depending on your selected design complexity and the vinyl type used vinyl graphics might cost as low as some hundred dollars (often $200-$600).

Some wrap stores use internal graphic designers thus client design is never outsourced. A few do outsource installation and the designing.

Types of Vinyl Used

Vinyl types make a big difference. The most typical types are carbon fiber, gloss, chrome, and matte.

The best ones in the industry often come from brands such as Oracal, 3M, Arlon, or Avery Dennison.

Truck Wrapping Advantages

  • A vinyl wrap created from sturdy material and last 4 to 10 years.
  • They do not damage the paint and also can get removed later.
  • Much less preparation work required compared to a new paint job.
  • Companies make use of them for advertising as the mobile ads get noticed much more than signs and billboards.
  • Custom designs could get digitally printed, which makes the custom look affordable compared to the fresh paint job.
  • They do not harm the paint beneath. Also, it protects the paint from UV rays and minor blemishes.
  • You can install a decal ad for a business and turn the truck into a mobile billboard.
  • It comes in several cool colors like matte black; also the custom color is quick to make.
  • You can easily maintain a wrapped truck. It needs to get washed with water and soap.

Truck Wrapping Disadvantages

  • The downsides to using a truck cover are the climate elements.
  • There is a possibility which it may peel or chip.
  • You were planning to have a partial cover then leave that for 2 years. The outcome you could see once you remove its skin could be the actual paintwork with the paint faded surrounding it.

DIY Truck Wrap Cost

You will need to consider the price of the extra tools such as trim removal equipment, essential application tools, and additional vinyl stock to make up for mistakes.

Overall, expect to spend between $650 to $3,000 merely for the wrap cost if you need to wrap the truck yourself.


The best vinyl wrap is probably the most flexible way to create your truck or any vehicle that stand out.

Furthermore, remember you do receive what you spend for and also that is so true for whatever service or product.

However, the prices mentioned above are only an estimate based on our research, and the final cost will differ based on your personal preferences as well.

In fact, suppose the average pricing appears too good for being right, it is, thus why not select an installer who has the reputation and experience you seek?

Since you are looking for how much does it cost to wrap a truck, you probably found this guide useful.

What are you waiting for? Start giving your truck or vehicle a new look today.