How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car?

Cars viewed as a sign of status and even if you own a used or old car, you could make it appear like a brand-new vehicle when it undergoes the paint job.

Have you ever looked over your car or truck and asked yourself, “how much does it cost to paint a car?”.

It will depend on lots of factors such as the process of how the fresh paint gets applied, what kind of paint used, plus the vehicle model.

The ballpark estimate ranges between $300 to $20,000. We will give you tips on how much to spend. You are about to find out everything about it.

When we are looking for the type of price ranges online, we get disappointed when we can only locate vague answers.

So, it is time to know what it costs on painting the car. Below are a few of the cost estimates you can find:

DIY Paint Job ($100)

If other rates are too expensive for you, you are an excellent candidate to DIY paint your car. It takes time, skill, and tools if you do not already own it.

It is better to have an expert car painter for the job. However, when you got enough time on earth, you can do the painting.

You should invest in a few essential supplies, such as sandpaper or sander, spray gun, paint, and anything to protect the chrome and windows.

If you own this equipment, painting your car is cheaper than you may imagine.

A typical do-it-yourself job could cost only around $100 suppose you have the right tools.

Also, you will need to allocate the energy and time required to complete the task.

Good Paint Job ($300 to $900)

In case, you are with limited funds; then you could have this budget for your auto paint job.

The costs in between $300-$900 are a low price, yet you need to expect the work as well as the outcome might not make you pleased.

There are times when they may not paint certain parts in the car like the inner hood layers or the door jams.

For this price range, painters often use a low priced synthetic enamel type paint with just some coatings for the project.

At times, they do mask away from the parts rather than removing them, making the paint coat to remain in places where it must not even stay.

However, not every shop provides these price points for auto paint.

Full Body Paint Job ($1,000 to $3,500)

The work gets done with 3 to 5 layers of the fresh coat which are put on to secure the foundation color.

It creates that shiny and smooth car look. It could have a price estimate between $1,000-$3,500 to paint your car by using a high-quality auto paint coat.

The costs differ depending on the things including when there is a need to color any internal parts or car engine area, its condition and make, and the model of the car.

You could expect the paintwork is done by using a pro-quality and branded automobile paint.

Also, this price range includes additional preparatory work, for example, removing of rust spots and dents and sanding.

Custom Paint Job ($5,000 to $20,000)

This category is for customized, showroom-quality work. Since it has a higher price, it uses paint along with the best quality.

You can pay between $5,000-$20,000 for well-earned car paintwork.

We recommended when you want to restore, or maybe, provide your car a beautiful look you are longing.

The expert painters will offer more preparation work. It includes the application of fresh coat, 6 to 8 times, sanding down its bare steel parts, auto paint application, between 20-24 layers, removing scratches and dentures.

Furthermore, premium selections including adding details plus other designs created by a 2-tone metallic paint or the airbrush artist.

Finishing this paint job requires at least 1 month. The time frame is perfect to ensure you get the money’s value without any indication of regret plus everything completed accordingly well.

The expenses depend upon the factors including essential things the client would like to include, the presence of scratches, rusts, and dents, location, and model of the car.

In some instances, these cars or automotive paints might cost higher than $100 for only a single quart.

Cost Ranges For Different Vehicles

The rates mentioned above do not list what specific car types painting will cost. We have presented some car painting costs estimates for certain vehicles below.

  • 1969 Corvette: It is a classic car. The estimated cost of paint is about $7,500.
  • Toyota Corolla: In case, you own this model of car, you can pay about $750 or so for the paint job.
  • Land Rover: Its painting cost varies from $1,000-$10,000.
  • Ford F-150: It is the pick-up truck, that is big in dimension. The estimated paint cost for this specific automobile is around $2,500.

These are merely estimated prices. The figures will rely on your vehicle’s location, year, service provider, make, and color.

Key Cost Factors


The simplest way to secure yourself before committing to any store is to know what warranty type they offer.

Ideally, you will need a warranty as much as around 5 years if you are investing in an excellent paint job.

High-Quality paintwork takes many years, while an inexpensive paint job might get peeled inside a year.

Weighing the Options

While deciding whether or not to spend on top-class paintwork, you will have to weigh down the mileage and the value of the car.

A few of the lowest-priced paint jobs might save you cash upfront; however, the paint can peel off soon.

In case, you have an expensive car and want to maintain it for some time; it could well-worth paying for excellent durable paintwork.

Paint Quality

Higher priced paint offers reduced peeling and chipping over time, increased durability, as well as the lifetime warranty. So, when comparing estimates of paint, ensure to request your body store about the paint quality they consider using. Also, we should point out low-cost painting is rarely assured to last.

Painting Preparation Work

Before your car can get painted, it should sand from bottom to top. All this process is labor-intensive and time-consuming.

When your vehicle is getting painted, sections of it need to get protected against overspray. These consist of the headlights, door handles, mirrors, tires, antennas, spoiler, windows, taillights, and trim.

Any scratches, dings, or dents must get fixed at this point as well. In case, it is important to you, do not skip on the quality painter.


Lastly, you should ask yourself the question “what quality level paint job will I need?” since you can notice there is much to consider while getting the car painted.

We hope this article will assist you to make the smart choice when it comes to understanding different car painting prices.

Have you lately painted your vehicle? How much does it cost to paint a car for you? Share your story, and any comments welcome.